About me


I was born and raised in White Rock, BC. I went to elementary school and then high school there. I got bored. I made friends. I grew my hair long. I swam competitively. I liked to ride my bike.

I went to Carleton University in Ottawa for Computer Science. I made different friends. I fell in love with an amazing woman named Susan. I learned a lot about life. I got burned out. The relationship ended. Those last two were distinct things and mostly not related.

I started working, automated my job, and then started programming professionally. I fell in love with another amazing woman, Hillary. We rode across the country together.

Hillary and I got married. I started a company. It failed. We moved to White Rock. We lived. We worked. We loved. We made more friends. We bought a house in Burnaby. We had a kid. We had another kid. Hillary got cancer. She died.

And here I am.