White Rock

I had forgotten how hilly BC could be. I mean, one would think that this wasn't the sort of aspect that you would forget. Though perhaps forgetting is the wrong word, as I knew in theory that flat land was at a premium in an easy loop around town.

I had also forgotten that the Tour de White Rock Hill Climb climb, really was a Hill Climb. Thing hit %16 and I felt sad in my legs. On the one hand, I'm seriously concerned that I don't have enough gears (34-27) to get up the monsters. On the other hand, the worst grades that we're likely to see is something like 8-10, and the 10s aren't sustained for too long.

The bike feels pretty good other than some minor issues with brakes being on. Always. At least that's what I tell myself.

We're getting a goodbye turkey tonight, at the Taylor household, any sort of family related event requires the baking of a turkey. I've been doing my best to make sure I have a massive calorie surplus for the past few days and I intend to continue the trend tonight. Again, it is amazing what you can justify to yourself when you are going to be spending the next two and a half months riding a bicycle.