5 Minutes of Power

So time today is going to be a bit tight, mainly due to last minute packing, purchasing and planning. We did, however, want to get out for a bit of a ride today to make sure that the racks were working well and that we'd installed everything right.

Head out of the driveway, turn right. I go down the hill and turn around, Hillary is a ways behind me, which isn't odd, since she tends to descend at a lower rate. Call it survival instinct perhaps. I go a dozen or so metres further and glance around again and she's gone behind a parked vehicle. Uh-oh.

Blown tube. So Hillary got to repair her first ever flat tire. Unfortunately, due to the aforementioned short of time, the tube replacement time combined with re-pumping time kind of killed about half of our allotted cycling time. So our round trip ended up being 5 minutes.

Now that's training.