Day 4: The real thing

May 4

5:02:00 ride time
24.42km/h average speed


19:05:00 total ride time
22.3km/h total average speed

Stop location: Osoyoos

Lat 49.02834N
Lon 119.45742W
Altitude: 290.00m

So the RV broke. The power steering fell apart, which isn't really a good thing for a 34' vehicle. Alas. Fortunately, everything is under control, we're carrying gear one day at a time until the thing is back in business, which should be a day or two. My mom is ferrying stuff from motel to motel until then. Currently we have a rest day scheduled for early next week so we really only have two days of riding and one night in a weird place before then.

The ride today was awesome. We had a nice tailwind for the first 80km which were fairly flat along the Similkameen river valley. From there things got a bit hilly, and then we took a left turn and got REALLY hilly. 2km climb, brief downhill, 2km climb, 2km downhill, 5km climb and then the big downhill into Osoyoos.

Stopped for a nice lunch at a little cafe in Keremeos, which was a nice surprise, the peach cobbler was highly tasty.

Sleep is going to be important tonight, first thing tomorrow morning, we tackle the Anarchist, a ridiculous climb out of Osoyoos to the east. Good luck? Yes.