We've had a couple of days of sparse connection and I don't have the laptop handy which means my stats updates are going to be at least a little bit behind this. Rest assured, I do have all of that saved elsewhere...

So, the last threeish days...

May 7 The rest day in Castlegar was, as noted, definitely needed. Hillary, my mom and I stayed for the two nights with my relatives, Rick and Donna Armstrong. The place was wonderful and a great base for the two days we were there. Of important note was the exceptional fruit salsa and steaks. (Not consumed together, though that would be interesting...mmmmm Strawberry Steak) The very good red wine was also opened.

We've only been on the road for a week at that point, but we were already missing the comforts of a real home, so this was a very nice break. Most of our other rest days are going to be based out of the RV, so we made sure to really enjoy this one.

Then, onward.

May 8 The next day was probably the most scenic ride we've done so far. We left Castlegar and headed along the Kootenay River. The river is deep, fast and cold, and is to me one of the more quintessential BC rivers. (Yes, it technically does spend time in the USA, but let's not quibble.)

After Nelson we continued on to Balfour and crossed Kootenay Lake on the longest free ferry in the world. 40 minutes later, we got our one real climb of the day. Nothing like an hour and a half rest (45 minutes early for the ferry, rest fueled by a monstrous brownie), then with cold legs grinding up an 8%-9% grade. Yay.

Our stop point was a little resort that had much potential. It was also for sale... Hmmm... Bayshore Resort, outside of Boswell, we had a spectacular view of the Nelson mountain range across the lake. It was, admittedly, sketchy, but damn it had potential. We supposedly had internet there, but due to the fact that the proprietor of the resort did not know the wireless password, we did not get it until the morning, just before leaving. ("I don't know the computer stuff, my brother does, but he works on the other side of the lake")

May 9 The next morning, after a giant grease bucket breakfast, for me anyhow, we headed out on what was supposed to be one of our shorter days. To the bustling metropolis of Yahk! The route wound through Creston, home of Kokanee. Due to Hillary's rapidly degrading knee injury, we took an extended lunch in Creston while we debated continuing on for the additional 45km or so into Yahk. After lunch, we figured we might as well do it since it meant a fairly short ride into Cranbrook. Hah. Short. 70km short, perspectives change...

Started to get warm that day as well, primarily noted by me by the lack of bathroom breaks taken. I'm guessing summer is really coming at this point.

Yahk is kind of a wierd place. I knew it was small, but I think it got smaller recently. I believe the town consisted of two motels, two camp/RV sites, one gas station, two convenience stores and a soap store. No restaurants, which complicated some things, since we were awaiting the triumphant return of Truck. Dad finally rolled into Yahk a few hours later than expected, with all of us sleeping in the car on the side of the road, bikes propped against the rear quarter panels.

So a short sleep last night, which lead into today...

May 10 Yahk to Cranbrook, shortest day, other than our ill fated climb up Mount Allison which was cut short in the rain and cold. Beautiful day for riding, probably high teens, low twenties for the entire time we were on the bike and only some gentle rollers as far as hills went. Trucks a plenty though. Evidently Yahk has a major truck border crossing and our last day on highway 3 was one with a lot of traffic. Not fun at all, that.

So we have arrived and now officially have Truck back full time, so hopefully we can finally get into a real routine. Tomorrow we head north and will spend a day or two getting to the boundary of Kootenay National Park and then assult our final mountain pass. Due to the continuing knee pain, we're not scheduling very tight right now. Flats seem to do well with her, so we're trying to take it easy until we hit the flatlands...

Enough for now, when I have the laptop, the stats and distances will be done along with whatever I've forgotten.

I'm hungry again.