Route change

So our total to date is 2021km in 88 hours at an average speed of 22.9km/h.

So over two thousand kilometres behind us now.

I have to admit with some shame that I did not get the stop point coords for the ride out of Kindersley, but I do have the distance numbers: Camp location: Elrose 108km 4:47 22.5km/h

We got about 30km east of Kindersley and then had a bit of a brainstorm, why fight the wind if we have to go south anyhow? So we headed south and used the next two days of strong north winds to cover as much territory as we could. We are now back on the Trans Canada highway in

Stop location: Swift Current lat 50.30733N lon 107.76475W alt 747m 117km 4:08 28.3km/h

From here we go east to Moose Jaw, Regina and then on to Winnipeg.

I've been fighting a cold for the last couple of days, so the turn south definitely helped my mental state. Riding at 17km/h into a vicious wind is demoralizing and not a whole lot of fun. It's too loud to really chat with anyone and you never get a break from pedalling. Once we turned south and put that wind at our back, anything remotely resembling downhill we could sit and up just coast.

Cruising at 35km/h for stretches was great for morale and made riding and feeling miserable much more bearable. The final descent down into Swift Current was pretty cool as well, without pedalling, I hit 78km/h. This was without pedalling, so if I had put some effort in, I probably would have hit a Warren Record for speed. Hillary shattered her old top speed record with something like 71km/h down that hill.

Other random stats: New Warren Record for no hands riding, set on the day into Carbon: 3km New Warren Record for no hands riding, high speed, yesterday while snacking: 48km/h Number of Clif Bars dropped on the road and not retrieved due to riding at 48km/h and not wanting to turn around to pick it up: 1

Turns out snacking at nearly 50km/h is harder than at 30km/h due to much higher winds. Ah well.