Cyclocross is a sport of bad weather. Cold winds, rain and the threat of snow is taken in stride and often times, the weather plays an important role in a race. The second race at the Kanata Rec center was one of those. The temperature was hovering around the freezing mark with 30km/h+ winds and some light sleet. Or perhaps you could call it heavy snow, it really doesn't matter.

This was the first race at the Kanata course where we were not sent up the gravel climb up the side of the main hill (according to my GPS, that climb hits about 14% at parts). Instead, the main elevation gain was up the other side of the hill and running. Even more entertaining was the fact that immediately after the run up, a pair of muddy switchbacks were presented. After scoping out the route through the switchbacks, I ended up electing to not remount the bike until I was through the first two. Most people tried to ride, but I found that running would tend to move me up a place. Considering I am an absolutely terrible runner, this was saying something. I also did not fall, which was nice. Some say that in cyclocross, if you don't fall, you are not trying hard enough. I do not subscribe to that point of view yet. I much prefer to keep the rubber down for the time being, I don't bounce as well as I used to.

Personally, it wasn't my greatest race. I slogged through it, but it was far from stellar. I got lapped by the top three guys and that was about it. Second best result this year I suppose, though it was a longer lap, so perhaps not. I evidently just wasn't with it mentally. I'd hit the long into the wind power sections and just wasn't able to dial it up as high as I usually can. Ah well, they can't all be good races.

I most likely will not be attending the Upper Canada Village race next week, which means one more to go this season. Too short it is, but the weather is just getting more and more unpleasant.

A code post is in the works, this week's topic is going to be a ramble on how I feel about how Java has changed since I started using it in 1998.