Season's end

The biking season in Ottawa is pretty much finished for those of us fair weather cyclists. There will be a a final 'cross race this weekend at Mooney's Bay and that will be it for me. It's time to wind down a bit, take some time off the bike and get ready for next year.

I've been on the bike about three times since the last race, all inside on the trainer. While riding on the trainer isn't too terrible, it does get old fast. Still though, it only generally takes me a week or two without riding before I'm feeling that I need to get back in the saddle. I find that planning out the next season during period of low intensity or no intensity is often the best time. Energy is up, I've forgotten the pain of training and am only looking forward to the next set of races.

Next season is going to be a different one for me. Hillary and I will be moving to Vancouver in the next couple of months, so I am going to have to find entirely new series of races to keep me busy. My long term goal is to do the BC Bike Race in 2010, so next year is going to be my return to mountain biking to start getting ready for it. It sounds like my season is going to start out with The Salty Dog and, if I can get myself registered (sells out quickly I am told), the Test of Metal. It will be fun to get back into mountain biking more seriously again. My technical skills will be pretty rusty I think, but I'm hoping those will come back as the season progresses.

I've already been told that I will have to spend a weekend or two in the Rossland area and ride the Seven Summits as well as several other trails in the area that are best described as epic.

I'm fairly excited about road racing as well. There is a pretty impressive March series of road races put on by Team Escape Velocity that I'm planning on doing my best to attend most of. That and I fully intend on riding several of the major mountain passes that I did in 2007 in the cross Canada trip again. Hope- Princeton is definitely a doable ride and if I can talk some people into it, there are lots of good day trips in and around the Okanagan.