Racing Updates

Habits. Important things they are.

The cycling season is going pretty well if I do say so myself. I've done a grand total of 8 races as of now this season, which pretty close to matches my lifetime road race total. I've even actually placed in a couple of the races, which was pretty much unheard of for me in the past. My goals for this year is to win a race and I can certainly see that happening.

I ended up only doing one other race in the EV Spring Series, the Bradner Road race. Held on a hilly course, it was relatively tough, but ended up being a rather uneventful race. Anything remotely resembling an attack was quickly chased down. I made one go at it about halfway through the race, but after about 2km out front with a small group it was clear that it wasn't going anywhere. I attacked on the last climb, was out front for about 1km and was passed by the pack with less than 200m to go. Ah well.

The Campbell Heights cat 5 road race ended up being the fastest race I had been in to date with an average speed of just over 39km/h for somewhat over 50km. Not much to note there other than I made it up the 184th avenue climb and only got spat out the back on the last ascent. Caught up before the next climb and finished 11th in the bunch.

My Thursday nights have been spent in Richmond, with the Team Coastal Cycling criterium series. These are massively fun little races. Short, cat 5 is only something like 15km, but pretty intense. The circuit has wide, shallow corners, so it's nice and safe and the cat 5 guys all seem pretty relaxed, which is nice. I've had two pack finishes in this series, one 4th and a 2nd.

The fourth came in my first real attempt at a sprint finish and the 2nd came out of a two man breakaway with 2.5 laps to go. Lost that race by something like a foot. Still though, it basically means that this year I have finished with the pack or in the break with every race I have done. The only race I haven't finished is one where I crashed and that was when I was sitting in 10th in a large field going into an important corner.

In other words, I think my positioning is decent as are the legs, so I'm pretty happy. Going for the win is my next goal, then just attacking and attacking until the season is done. Hopefully I'll find a team for next year and then up to category 4!