Racing 2012

So with the birth of Isaac, training is kind of taking a back seat a bit. While I'm getting in some hours, it's almost exclusively commuting time which won't really help out with any of the longer races this year.

So this year is going to be about criteriums, mostly the Thursday night races down in Richmond as the flat and non-technical circuit is pretty good for a sprinter in questionable form. Hopefully I'll make a decent showing at the Tour of Delta, though with a thrice downgraded Cat 2 sprinter likely in the field, I have my work cut out for me. Rant on that topic forthcoming.

My sprinting isn't quite what it should be at this time of year either, I'm down 10% or so in my 5 second power, so that's kind of unfortunate. On the other hand, that's just raw power and can be trained fairly easily. I'm going to have a harder time with the longer harder races.

Those haven't gone well this year. Life getting in the way meant that I ended up having to miss a couple of the Spring Series races that were more suited to me. The two races I have contested this year have both ended up with me going off the back. The first, at the beautiful Atomic circuit only lasted about 15km. The second was closer to 70km before I was left by myself in offthebackistan.

Again though, limited training time means that I really can't expect to have the fitness to be around in the finish of a 2-3 hour road race. Yeah, I'll go with that. So, I will continue to work on the sprint, the threshold efforts to last for a 45 minute criterium and we'll call this year a rebuilding year after the successes of last year.