Once upon a time, I used wordpress. It was nice and all and had lots of features. I got it all setup and that was nice. I turned on comments, not expecting many, but figuring why not.

Then I started getting lots of spam comments so I added a spam comment plugin.

Then I heard about some exploit for wordpress and that I should update, so I did. Then it happened again.

I don't really have time to deal with this sort of thing and in the back of my mind I've had the idea that going back to plain old HTML might not be a terrible idea.

So that's what I've done.

Inspired in part by Marco Arment's Second Crack I decided to write my own static blogging engine dealy. It's mostly written in ruby with a couple of bash scripts holding things together with inotifywait.

There really isn't a whole lot to it. Metadata is handled very simply by updating the source file with basically a properties snippet at the top. Navigation is pretty simple. It generates an RSS feed thing as well, though not a great one with update times. Can you do that? I do not know.

There are many things I could add, but for now, this will do.