Chopsticks for chips

It was a crappy morning so how about a lighter story?

As a programmer, I more or less type for a living. My hands are touching my keyboard and mouse for several hours every single day. I'm also a pretty tactile person, so I like things to feel good under my fingers for the most part.

Getting gunk on a keyboard is terrible as far as I'm concerned. The worst is typing with mildly greasy hands from food. It gets chunky and sticky and gross. Do not want to touch.

But I do need to snack around the computer sometimes and at one point in my life, chips were a favourite small snack. Chips are greasy and have salt and other powdered crap on them, so touching them isn't an option.

Forks would shatter a chip, spoons could work, but it's pretty precarious and you have to think about it. The clear winner for a chip delivery utensil are chopsticks.

So anyhow, one random day when I was working at home, Hillary spied me as I poured some chips into a bowl, grabbed some chopsticks from the drawer and headed up stairs. I forget the exact conversation, but the general gist was, "You're eating chips with chopsticks? HAHAHAHAHA."

I explained the logic and thought no more of it, I continued to do what I do.

Then, one October evening in 2015, I came downstairs as Hillary was doing work some after she thought I had retired for the evening and...

Caught in the act.