Drinking buddies

Any relationship is complicated with many facets to it. Among other things, Hillary and I were great drinking buddies.

Alcohol is a drug we both enjoyed to varying degrees at different times in our lives. Being a couple who enjoyed each other's company as much as we did, we liked to drink together.

These evenings happened fairly often and I don't remember the specifics of most. Not due to drinking too much or anything. Most of these evenings would have consisted of us sharing a bottle of wine and maybe a mixed drink afterwards.

January 2010. Hillary had never had a B-52 before. I liked them and though I'm not great at making them, they look neat. This evening is one of the very few of these evenings where we took a couple of pictures. I mean, who takes pictures of an evening at home?

But I don't remember the specifics because it wasn't like we did anything other than enjoy each other's company. I remember just being happy. We'd talk about random things, we'd laugh a lot. We'd poke fun at each other in the way that we knew would make the other person laugh in introspection at their own ridiculousness. Hillary would get even more enjoyment out of tying together double negatives but would sometimes blow them completely.

Sometimes we'd have more than that though and again, I don't remember specifics. I do remember both of us being pretty drunk a few times and the subsequent hangovers. We were still silly. We loved each other immensely and we would giggle and laugh at the other person's lack of agility.

The drinking buddy phase of our relationship ended with Hillary's pregnancy with Isaac.

So it's not a new thing that I miss. We talked about the drinking buddies phase many times over the last half decade or so. I would pine for them sometimes, but they were over and that was okay.