Heist movies

As almost always, the conversation is paraphrased, but the gist and flavour of it is accurate.

While I would never go so far as to say it was a favourite movie, Hillary and I watched Ocean's Eleven at least a half dozen times together. It is a witty, fairly smart heist movie.

At some point in time, likely spurred by a debate as to whether we should watch that one again, we were talking about heist movies in general. I mentioned that I still remembered the first heist flick I'd ever watched. I was probably thirteen or fourteen and our family had rented it, as you did back in those ancient days. I watched that movie four times that weekend.

That was the only movie I ever remember watching more than once on a single rental.

The movie was Sneakers.

"I've never heard of it."

"Really? I haven't seen it in probably a decade, we'll have to watch it. It had Robert Redford and it was basically a movie about cryptography and stealing technology. Early 90's maybe?"

"Robert Redford? Was there a blind guy who drove a truck or something?"

"Uh. Yes."

"My voice is my passport?"

"You've seen it."

"Oh my god I loved that movie."

I don't think it was on Netflix at that point in time. I probably found a copy that had fallen off the back of a truck.

We watched it and it was still great. How much held up and how much was nostalgia? I have no idea. It didn't matter. At the time I thought it was neat that we both had liked this movie years before we would ever meet.