March holiday weekend

The traditional late March Holiday in the Taylor household had a couple main beats that needed to be hit.

I needed to get out for a bike ride. Traditionally (as of about 2009), I would do a bike ride of a distance, in miles, that matched my age. Overshooting was allowed and occasionally undershooting was as well if weather or route choice were particularly difficult.

As was also tradition in our house, the birthday person picked dinner.

By and large, that was about it.

This year, the weekend was pretty busy. I took Isaac to the Vancouver Auto Show on Friday. It wasn't his top pick of a way to spend a couple of hours, but it was fun. Hillary would have enjoyed being there, there were lots of pretty cars and Isaac got excited about all the pom poms. We would have been picking out our next car.

I got my ride in. I misrouted a bit and it was too long. I checked out an open house because that's fun to do sometimes. The kids were excited beyond belief for some reason. They hid the presents because that's what you do I guess?