First steps - Isaac

Isaac started walking at about fourteen months. When I say about, I mean that it was fourteen months to the day.

It was after lunch and we were in White Rock. I have no memory of what led up to this point that day, but at some point it was clear that Isaac was about to move from cruising to unsupported walking.

What I do remember is that I'm sure those were his first unsupported steps, certainly the first ones Hillary and I saw. So I suppose if there were some before then, do they really count? I'll vote no.

Watching those videos now, as with everything related to the kids and Hillary is a hard mix. Isaac excited and happy that he's the center of attention and clearly doing something we are all interested in. Hillary is laughing and talking to Isaac in the way she talked to the kids.

I remember thinking at the time that I wanted to get a few videos. Something Hillary and I could watch years hence and remember how small he was. How young we were. It takes on a different feeling now. I watch them now because this small collection of videos does have Hillary laughing. Probably the best recording of her laugh I have. Probably the best one that exists now.

I only took a half dozen short clips, but they are enough to remember when this happened. The shape of the day. Once I had those, I put the camera away and was just present in the moment. This is another one of those brief times when I know Hillary was just right there and not thinking of anything else.

We spent about a half an hour pointing him in different directions and sending him off towards each other. Then he napped.