Summer Schedules

With regards to kids, prior to the summer of 2018, we had a schedule.

Either the kids were in daycare or, going back further, Hillary was on maternity leave so it was largely taken care of. Isaac's after care facility shuts down over the summer, so in 2018 he was at home for the summer.

He had a camp one week. We were in Ontario for a solid two weeks. We did a driving trip to a wedding in Cranbrook. July was possibly Hillary's best month in terms of health since the previous October or November.

Keeping an active six year old busy and at least moderately entertained was a ton of work. It would have been difficult under the best of circumstances. Late stage cancer was not what I'd call the best of circumstances.

A few times when I was at the office, I got messages from Hillary requesting I come home early. I worked at home three to four days per week so I was largely present in the house in case an emergency nap was needed. I could assist with small things like lunch cleanup and being able to do the dinner prep earlier was better for all of us.

Ultimately Hillary ended up spending a lot of time with Isaac that summer. The two of them went on small walks around the neighbourhood. They played lots of board games. Some construction projects. They drew and coloured together.

Selfie at the playground after building a model plane on one of their days in July.

I know it was a lot of work. I know it was hard on her. It was what she wanted to do and I certainly wasn't going to argue about how she wanted to spend that time. I hope she appreciated it or was happy she did it. Or something. I don't know. I think she was.

Isaac was six at the time. It's highly doubtful he really appreciated it at the time. I hope he does eventually and retains some of those memories. We'll see though.

That's a preamble to this summer. Isaac is in more camps. Paige is going to daycare anytime we're not out of town or she is with family. Every week the routine is changing to something else. Different wake up times, different destinations for each of us. I haven't been able to do a decent meal plan in a few weeks and general things are piling up as I am also a creature of routine.

Many good things have happened this summer and that has made it a rollercoaster. Highs of good trips and hanging out with people I like. Lows of the whole general grief thing and the more complicated aspect of feeling vaguely bad that the general grief thing isn't as all consuming as it once was.

So that's where I'm at.