One day of victory

May 1

Not a bad ride overall, a bit longer than expected, but not by a whole lot. We did a bit of a detour from the initial route, mainly due to the fact that we decided we really should hit the ocean on day one.

Aside from that, it didn't really seem like we were on the first day of a Cross Canada trip. For the most part, it just felt like going on a nice long bike ride. Something like the Rideau Lakes Tour. The hard part is going to be when it starts sinking in that we're not riding home tomorrow, but are going further and further away from civilization.

The day was spent in the agricultural area of the Lower Mainland for the most part, which meant lots of farms. Decent scenery I suppose, but I have to admit that I was impressed at the fact we saw at least 3 llama farms and one pretty cool poultry farm that was very obviously free range. Or free something anyhow.

There were several dozen ducks, a few chickens and a couple of turkeys just wandering around, with no fences between them and the road. You can't herd birds, so I'm guessing they do lose some to, well, losing.

Worst sign of the day is a toss up: "We sell plastic barrels!". The other possibility is one which I will never be able to actually quote. This was a road sign and in hindsight, I should have taken a picture. Regardless, it was a standard orange diamond warning road sign... With somewhere in the ballpark of 30 words in small font on it. Riding at 20km/h past it, I couldn't read the whole thing. At the speed limit, I don't think you could read enough to know what you should be looking out for.

And now we're getting ready to head out for day 2, up to Manning park over the Mount Allison pass. Weather reports indicate that it's going to rain. Climbing and raining, together at long last.

May 1 on the bike stats:

1.5 bagels
2L liquid
1 cliff bar
1 small coffee
1 peacock, 2 peahens at campsite
5:05:00 ride time
24.13km/h average speed
5:40:00 total time from white rock beach

Stop location: Harrison Hot Springs - Sasquatch Springs RV Park

Lat 49.29949
Lon 121.78619
Altitude: 24.00m (according to my gps thing. Accuracy is questionable)