Day 4 lunchtime

We've been out of Internet range for a couple of days and happened to stop for lunch in Keremeos at a cafe that had a connection.

More details will come when I have a bit of time to actually write more, but for now, a location update.

We're going to be in Osoyoos this evening, it's 49km up the road, so if the weather holds, figure we'll be there in a couple of hours, which is highly exciting. Wildlife spottings today included a couple of bald eagles out duck hunting. At least, that's what it looked like to us as we went by. First mechanical also happened today, I got a flat about 45 minutes in.

No major hills today, though we had our share yesterday with the Mount Allison Summit and the Sunday Summit, 1342m and 1282m respectively. Worst single climb was a 1km or so section of 9%, that thing hurt a lot.

Enough for now, peach cobbler is waiting assuming Hillary hasn't finished it. More later if we can find an Internet shop in Osoyoos.