So we are done

Not where we wanted to, but due to technical problems and time constraints, we have had to call the ride officially over.

The descision was made in Fredericton, when we ended a day with the truck losing air in the brakes. Turns out most of our problems stemmed from a water pump with shot bearings that stretched the belt that spun the alternator and air compressor. Regardless, we lost something like four full riding days with a couple of different garages trying to figure out what was wrong.

Since we didn't carry heavy touring gear, we couldn't really leave the truck behind either. Ah well, t'was about the journey and not the destination.

We're spending the better part of a week in PEI and New Brunswick before hitting up Ottawa on the 14th or so, then back to Vancouver on the 17th for Lance's wedding. Hillary and I are planning on going on short rides most days, though what counts as a short ride may be open to debate now, 'short' means something totally different now. :)

PEI is supposed to have great riding roads, so I'm looking forward to that to say the least.

Anyhow, more updates will come as we get there.