The next race

Though technically the 'next race' will be one of the OBC time trials, those don't really count as they are more of a fitness gauge.

So I think it's about time I do a triathlon.

The one du- that I did I was in the top 10 for the cycling leg and got killed in the run legs. I haven't done much swimming in the past couple of years, but I do have pretty good technique, so with a bit of brushing up on the atrophied upper body muscles, I might be able to do decently again.

The goal is the sprint tri on the Labour Day weekend here in Ottawa. 750m swim, 30k cycle and 5k run, all quite reasonable distances. Even better, the cycle course is basically pancake flat with a slight rise that I have to go over twice, so with my less than stellar power/weight ratio, I should be able to reel in a few people in there.

The trick will be to see if I can survive the run.

Anyhow, the first swim will be tomorrow, the rough training will be for me to continue getting ready for the cyclocross season with a pair of hour or so swimming sessions per week. Since the 'cross training will include some running, that should at least get me fit enough to figure out if I want to participate in this kind of organized torture again in the future.

On a somewhat related note, where related is in the stream of consciousness sense, I will start pulling apart the 'cross bike tomorrow. This will be the first time I embark on a project of a such... mechanical nature. We shall see how this goes.