August update

On the athletic front, running and swimming are going well. I'm hitting the water twice a week for about 45 minutes each and running 5km two to three times per week. Though I think twice a week it's going to be upped to about 8.

I am no longer concerned about surviving the tri.

On a cycling note, I set a couple of Warren Training Records, a two hour ride at an average of 33km/h, including warmup and warm down and a 35km/h average for a 30km stretch. That included some pretty slow hills and some nasty headwinds, so that bodes well for the 30km tri ride. Average heartrate in that 30km was well below the lactate threshold (avg about 168, where 176 or so is my threshold) so that means I have at least a bit more power on tap. I haven't hit my limit since the Paris-Roubaix, so I'm getting anxious to test myself.

On a totally unrelated note, I have a wedding venue now. This is awesome, the hard part is over, now I just have to write cheques and take care of the 10 million other little things.