The last time

This is kind of an important one so I'll make sure I reference it again.

I try to live with a couple of overriding philosophies.

One, I try to have no regrets. I live my life, I reflect on it, and I try to learn from my past. I make a concerted effort not to dwell on things past that cannot be changed. More on this another time.

Two, I am aware of and reflect on the fact that in life, there will be a last time you do anything. There will be a last time you will drop your kid off at school. There will be a last time you ride your bike. There will be a last time you nurse from your mother. There will be a last time you attend a class.

Some of those things are meaningful. Some are not. Some you are aware of when they happen, others slide off into the past and it's only later you realize it was a last time. Life is too complicated to focus on all of them, so I merely try to be vaguely aware. It would be crippling otherwise.

Over the last year with Hillary, this was often on my mind. Right now might be the last time that this particular thing happens.

I tried to capture some. I tried to make mental notes of others. Still others I knew I would not know were the last time until much later so I got pictures of what was distinctly not the last time.

I remember our last kiss. I remember our last real kiss.