Halloween. This was a Hillary holiday.

Literally the last things she purchased for the kids were their costumes for this year. After 3 years of campaigning, Isaac would get his stormtrooper costume. Paige would acquire her second Spider-Man costume. Arguably her third, but that's open to debate on what, precisely, counts as an official Marvel costume.

I'm unsure at what point I should ever reveal to them that this was the last thing she got them. I mean, I'm documenting it here, so they will find out at some point.

Downtime for the stormtrooper before going once more into the breach.

Things started out promisingly enough. We made it to a total of three houses before the first couple of nearby fireworks went off. Paige noped right out and demanded to go home. I passed Isaac off to the neighbours who we were going to tour the street with and went back with her.

With some convincing and putting on her ear protection, Paige was ready for to try again. We made it to at least three more houses before someone on the next street over lit up some sizeable fireworks. Paige completely panicked. Full blown screaming and trying to run down the road.

We retreated home and Paige decided that she was in charge of distributing candy.

Spider-Man standing guard, awaiting trick or treaters.

A bit after 7, the neighbours dropped off Isaac as their younger kids were done for the night. Isaac was not and Paige was still super interested in waiting for kids to come to collect candy.

So video games it was, occasionally interspersed with races between the two of them to get to the door first to shove chocolate bars at the increasingly older kids that came around.

Mario Party! (Rafting game thinger)

This is all a giant preamble for where I'm actually trying to go here.

Isaac knew Paige had only gone to a half dozen or so houses and he had toured the full street. I suggested a round of candy for everyone. Isaac went to his bag and offered it to Paige to make her selection.

They're good fucking kids Hillary. I'm gonna do my best to keep them that way.