Not gonna need those for a while

Hillary and I both like to use our gear until it falls apart.

Hillary's old red backpack was finally ripping and my main backpack, which was great for commuting by bike was severely lacking in storage capacity. So I did a tiny bit of research, headed to MEC and bought a decent daypack.

We used it for the flight out to Ontario in August 2018 and we both liked it enough that the first one we got became Hillary's. I ordered another identical one online. I've used mine almost every time I leave the house since then. Hillary's has been harder to deal with for probably obvious reasons.


Last Saturday, the kids were going to head down to White Rock with my parents, so I had to pack a bag with some spare clothes and other sundries. I elected to use Hillary's bag for it. As I rooted around trying to empty out anything that the kids didn't need I shoved my hand into the small front pocket.

And pulled out a handful of pads.

Whelp. Those aren't going to be terribly useful in this house for the foreseeable future.

Feeling very productive, I threw them out. I then went and tossed out any pads or tampons that I could find in any of the usual places I'd seen them stashed away.

Of course, then I proceeded to have an(other) existential crisis, but at least I slightly decluttered.

Small wins.