Starting the changes

Four and a quarter years ago, Paige was born. Having a kid puts certain projects on hold for a while.

By the summer of 2017 though, Paige was three years old. She was becoming more independent and she and Isaac were playing together more and more. Hillary and I started slowly listing out the projects that we wanted to do around the house. Some more major than others.


The upstairs bathroom needed serious work. The kitchen? We wanted to make major changes to the storage and working areas.


The bike room was a disaster. It needed to be purged of obsolete gear and generally re-organized. Our dressers in the bedroom had been recalled by Ikea a year prior and were elegible for a full refund. New ones would be nice. We needed to get rid of a lot of baby and toddler toys that were littering our living and TV rooms.

There were more, but that's a taste at least.

Then Hillary was diagnosed with cancer and basically all of those went on hold. Several months later, Hillary would take a step or two addressing a couple of these, but the work was in the pure planning stages.

So here I am now. Those things still need to be done. Changes will happen around this house in the coming years. I think the place to start is with the ones that I know Hillary wanted to happen as well.

I bought a new kettle. I threw out the old toaster that was super slow and dying and we are now using Hillary's toaster that was gluten free for her use only.

I went to Ikea today. I have a new dresser to build. I didn't return the recalled ones yet, I think I'll keep them downstairs for a bit in case I have a crisis and need to revert my room to how it was when Hillary was alive.

This is literally the first time I have ever built IKEA stuff without Hillary overseeing or actively involved. We built a lot of the stuff together over the years. I think she'd be okay with this dresser in our room though.