Board games at Clearview

For a period of a few months in our Clearview apartment, we had a board game night every two weeks. We had a rotating handful of players show up throughout the run and played a variety of different games.

Other than Hillary and I, I think Brett was the only person to go to all of these evenings.

Ticket to Ride was a favourite. It is easy to pick up and not hyper competitive, which appealed to some of us. Settlers of Catan is a brilliant game and also got a lot of play. A half dozen or more other random games would come up as one offs to try them out. I think this was the first time we played Pandemic. Brett brought Illuminati one time. Kill Dr. Lucky got played a few times. There were others.

Hillary always went into these games underplaying her skill and that she really only played a few games growing up. Board games were fun but she wasn't good at them.

It was possibly the third or fourth of these board game nights and she was saying something like this when I actually thought about it.

Every single game we'd played had been won by either Brett or Hillary.

By the time the board game night stopped being a habit, that record had barely changed. Brett and Hillary had won the vast majority of the games we played. I don't have those records now, but I don't think it's far from the truth to say that they won every game other than one game of Illuminati that Brett's sister won.

And I'm not even talking about Scrabble, which will get it's own post at some point.

Hillary enjoyed this enough back in the day that she talked about wanting to get a weekly board game night started with the kids. We tried once or twice, but the kids were just a bit too young and wanted to play games that were a bit too different at the time. I will try doing it again in another year or two once we settle on a couple of games that both kids find interesting.

Not playing board games at Clearview here. This was from a night at the cottage with Stephan, Amy, Eric, and Carolyn. This is easily my second favourite cottage trip Hillary and I had. My top cottage visit being August 2018. More on the cottage another time.