Peach chicken

So I was looking up the date of some event and was searching through my email several days ago. This sent me down a rabbit hole of reading old emails between Hillary and I from 2007 or so. I came across a reference to making a 'peach vinegar chicken' for dinner.

I stopped reading as my brain lit up, "Holy shit. Peach chicken."

We used to make that all the time. And I don't think I'd made it since Isaac was born at least.

So I made it the next night after picking up some additional supplies. I was rusty and it wasn't quite right, but it was close. Hillary loved that goddamned dish back in the day. Sure, our tastes evolved, but the smell and taste was rich with nostalgia. I wish I'd read that email in the last year and was able to make it when she was still here.

We could have talked to the kids about making it back in our first apartment together.

She would have been ecstatic that the kids enjoyed it. We both loved it when the kids happened to like something that we did or was meaningful to us in some way.

But I was only looking through those old emails because she was dead. So it might not have happened anyway.

Such is life.