There are going to be milestones in this part of my journey through life. Some will be good, some will be painful, and some will be something.

I passed a milestone a couple of days ago.

I'll write more about this period of time later, but the short version is that in January of 2009, I moved to White Rock. Hillary continued working at the Patent Office until late March and came out then.

This would be the longest period of time that I did not see Hillary in person from the time we first met at that party at Dynes Road until the day she died.

Obviously we talked on the phone most days and skyped pretty regularly, but still. It's one thing for a person, your spouse, to be a voice or an image on a screen. It's another to be able to hold them.

It's now been longer since she died than that period of time in 2009.

I don't know how I feel about that. I mean, it hurts immensely.

I miss her in ways that I can't begin to articulate. But I also haven't heard her voice other than in videos and recordings since October 7th. The last meaningful conversation we had was on the night of the 5th, less than 48 hours before she died.