The bedroom

My bedroom is huge.

It's large enough that Hillary and I somewhat seriously discussed moving into one of the smaller bedrooms and using the master as a playroom or otherwise more functional room. This came up again somewhat more recently as we struggled with clutter, organization and general inefficient use of space.

Now I have another problem. This room feels like our room. I need to make some changes there as going into our room every day alone hurts every time my brain reminds me of it.

But what to do here. I bought and put in a new dresser like we had talked about. Notably one smaller than would have sufficed for the pair of us, but you know.

I think I need to address the art next. I like most of what we had in there, but it still feels too much like the shared room that we spent so much time in. I did remove the pictures of the two of us that were in there. Staring at photographs of some of my happiest or most meaningful memories of Hillary every time I looked for socks was just too much.

We'll see. I framed a print I'd had for a few years yesterday. I'm going to see if I can figure out where to hang it next.

Small steps I guess.

This was one of the pictures we had on our dressers. This was taken on the last day of our wedding gift camping trip with Wendy and Bassilio. That trip was fantastic and I will write about it sometime.