Homemade pizza

We like pizza.

Well, currently Paige isn't a huge fan, but that's pretty new.

Classically, we like pizza.

Hillary loved pizza. Anything heavy on the carbohydrates was a favourite of hers and this was no exception. Somewhat accidentally, she worked as a pizza chef for several months as a newly minted engineer after graduation.

So she knew how to make dough, toss it, and build a pizza in the right order so it cooked correctly. We didn't make it at home terribly often as the from scratch dough was a bit time consuming and pizza never seemed like a meal that should be as labour intensive as it was. Store bought frozen crusts never lived up to Hillary's expectations either.

So we mostly ordered when we needed some pizza.

Then at someone's suggestion a few years ago, we tried making pizzas using pitas from Costco as the crust. A thin crust wasn't usually what we were going for, but it was really good. So for the last three or four years, we pretty much always had a stash of pitas in the freezer ready for deployment on a pizza night.

I'd say that we made pizzas roughly fortnightly. This was often a Hillary meal. I'd assist with chopping and laying things out, but she'd construct the pizzas. At least until the kids were old enough to do their own. She'd still guide them on the order of what to put on.

Sometimes we'd get ambitious and make a couple extra to throw in the freezer as an emergency. That was rare though. We almost always only made enough for dinner and a spare or two for lunch the next day.

I think the last time we did homemade pizza was May or June of 2018. Hillary had just learned that on top of everything else, there was some indications she might have celiac disease. The gastroenterologist noted it wasn't super likely and testing for it wouldn't be worth it, but Hillary elected to go fully gluten free at that point.

I seem to recall at least once attempting a pizza night with gluten free crusts, but I think that was a one time thing. There were rice based meals that Hillary was enjoying that were getting more play in our house by this time.

So the pitas in the freezer have been there for probably seven months now I guess.

It went okay. Isaac likes the leftovers in his lunch, so that's a win. I didn't burn any of them and I'm pretty sure I built them in the right order.

This won't be the hardest of the Hillary dishes or meals to make. I don't know what that will be. This was definitely one of hers though.

We went out for Dairy Queen after.