Busy weekend

This weekend is busy. Mostly that's self induced and planned. I don't particularly have anything witty or insightful or really relevant to say. Just that here we are and we are trucking through things.

This comes after last weekend being really good, but also really emotionally complicated. It's felt like I'm coming out of a weeklong emotional hangover. That part of the brain just wants to trot out relatively painful daydreams at any available opportunity.

So I'm keeping busy to keep the demons quiet for now.

Raced Friday night on the track.

Rode my bike this morning while the kids played with friends. Drove back for a soccer game and followed that up with a Costco run to pick up a bunch of bulk ingredients that I'll need for the coming few weeks. Packed up that stuff, then back out to the playground for an hour with the kids.

I had to veto swimming to the chagrin of one kid. Then insisted on the playground to piss off the other. Regardless, fun was had once we actually got out there. They are de-mudding now in the tub.

Tomorrow will be breakfast, then some downtime. Then off elsewhere to do something else. I'm not sure what, but there are at least three different plans on the table. We'll see what actually happens tomorrow.

It's supposed to be cold, so I'm thinking Sushi Sunday will be a picnic in front of the fire. I haven't told the kids yet though, so I reserve the right to change that plan.

And I might be done with diapers.

I know, holy shit.

No pun intended.