Weekend meal planning

We would (and by we I mean Hillary) generally plan meals for the weekdays.

The weekend plan was evolving and we'd mostly punt on it until later in the week. It would come up a couple of times and we'd usually agree on something mildly more complicated that the two of us could put together.

I get to midweek now and realize I can't just plan dinners until Friday and hope the weekend works out. I mean, I've done that a few times and it always has, but I miss making the more involved meals that at least Hillary and I would have appreciated.

She doesn't have my back anymore on groceries and planning. More appropriately I suppose, I'm not the person with her back on the groceries and planning.

We were a team and that was probably the defining concept behind our relationship.

I now have both kids sitting on me and wiggling while I try to finish this and realize that wherever I was trying to go with this is now lost to time and distraction. Perhaps I'll remember the main point another day.