Starting on book three

This past spring, Hillary decided it was time to start reading Harry Potter to Isaac. We had made a casual attempt a few months before, but he wasn't quite able to hold the thread. So sometime around May or June of 2017, she made a second attempt at it.

Reading to the kids was primarily one of her functions at that point in time as it was dedicated together time. I didn't really pay attention too much to what was going on.

As Hillary got settled into reading with Isaac for the third or fourth time, my ears perked up a bit as she started to read a description of a dementor.

"What book are you reading to Isaac?"

"Harry Potter."

"I know, but which one?"

"The first one, Prisoner of Azkaban"

"That's the third one."

"It was the first one on the shelf. I mean, I thought it seemed to skip over a bunch of details, but... It was the first one on the shelf!"

We'd watched the movies all the way through at least twice, with the first three or four we'd probably seen three times. Hillary had also read through the entire series of books at least once. She knew the story.

She actually was pretty sure she was reading the wrong book or there might have been a mistake or something. But it couldn't have been the case because the books were on the shelf and why would they ever have been in the wrong order?

Anyway, I didn't let her live that one down.