Max and the Parkdale apartment

Around the time that Hillary and I got together her father, Roger, was spending a fair bit of time with her. Due to work obligations, he needed to be on site at the company's office in Ottawa. This was a bit much of a commute from Bath, so he'd spend at least a couple of nights in Ottawa most weeks.

At some point within a few months of that period, a miniature schnauzer named Max entered the life of Heather and Roger.

I have memories of going out for walks with one or both of them with Max around that apartment, particularly in the winter. I suppose that makes sense as this would have been the winter of 2004-2005 and by May 2005, we were in the Clearview apartment.

Max was a puppy at that point and not exactly a breed that was built for the cold. He had a couple of coats which he'd wear. If I had to put his emotional state about his coats into a phrase, I think I'd call it, somewhat grudgingly.

Max also had some booties. The idea was, of course, that paws were somewhat sensitive and the salt, snow and sharp ice that you might meet on the sidewalks of Ottawa during the winter was not good for a pooch.

I remember what must have been one of the first times he had those on just standing there. Refusing to move at all. I don't think those booties got a lot of use.

Hillary loved having a dog around. We weren't in a position where we wanted to get one. But for the better part of probably two years, Max was a live in guest with us for a couple nights every week.