Team Taylor

I'm not entirely sure when it happened for the first time. It was definitely after we got married.

We'd use the phrase often and that only increased throughout our marriage.

We'd use it if we were getting ourselves geared up for a big project. Before packing for a trip or a major household cleanup as examples. More than once, before leaving the house with the kids for a flight out to Ontario, we'd have a long hug and whisper it to each other before stepping out and locking the door.

We'd use it after any victories. A dinner that we built together that the kids liked. While cuddling in front of a fire the night we decorated the tree. Getting the last of the camping gear cleaned and away with the kids happy from the adventure. Finishing a ride, run, or workout together.

We'd use it on each other when the other person was going through a hard time. Reminding the other person that they weren't in this alone.

Once Isaac was about five and Paige three, we started to use it with them inclusively.

The last time the phrase came up between Hillary and I was a couple of days before she died. I don't know if she used it first or I.

These wouldn't be the last words between us, but it would be our last meaningful conversation.

I'm not totally sure what lead to it. So many of those conversations in the last week were broken and partial. I'm pretty sure I had just done the short version of the eulogy that I had composed for her over the past months.

I know how that conversation ended.

"You have to be Team Taylor with the kids now. Teach them what that means."

"We were a great team my love. Team Taylor."

We kissed.

She closed her eyes and drifted off again.