Sexy lady calendars

Hillary believed in calendars.

I didn't really.

Back in my earlier days I could keep most of my schedule in my head. And, critically, it was just my schedule.

I now mostly live by my phone calendar as I'm

  1. Getting old
  2. Widow(er) brain
  3. One brain organizing three schedules instead of two brains organizing three or four.

I joked that the only real purpose of a calendar was for the pictures. A poster that you changed every month. Hillary's little calendar book/agenda things were lunacy as far as I was concerned.

Hillary still thought I was crazy and tried to figure out a way to force me to have a calendar and possibly even use it.

So for a few years running she bought me, as a Christmas present, an assortment of sexy lady calendars.

And those hung in the office for those years for the most part.

I think the tradition stopped when the 'good' road bike racing calendars from Graham Watson went from something like €50 per year down to about $15 CAD. I remember seeing one of those in a calendar store around Christmas several years ago and being excited as I recognized the photographer's name.

I haven't bought a 2019 calendar yet. I'll get around to it eventually. I look at the old calendar every now and then when the kids ask me near future date questions. It's on December still. Isaac has chastised me repeatedly about this.