The squeaky door

There were sounds that Hillary could not hear.

There were other sounds she could. There were still other sounds that she could and it was an unspoken understanding that we wouldn't do things to diminish those sounds.

One of those was our main door. It squeaked incredibly loudly whenever it was opened past about a third of the way. A lock being thrown and the door opening wasn't a sound that most of us would miss in a house, but Hillary would. That squeak though? She could hear that from the second floor and sometimes the third.

She justified it as a safety thing. She could hear if one of the kids had pried the door open. So while the squeak was annoying, it was a thing and as with many house maintenance tasks, if it didn't bother Hillary, I didn't persue the matter.

I can't remember if it was the week after Hillary died or in November around the time of the celebration of life. Either way, Eric and Roger suggested we get rid of the horrific noise that happened every time the door moved.

I thought about it and could see no reason to tolerate that particular pain any further. They fixed it.

It is still quiet.