The Porsche Deal

One of the things that always seemed important was to make sure that Hillary and I had similar goals in terms of financial stability and that sort of thing.

These things, like kids, where we were going to live and a few other topics were the big ones that we needed to be in agreement on. In what won't surprise too many of you, we agreed on these.

I had one clause in our long term financial plan though.

If, at some point in time, our assets minus debts reached a certain point, I could buy a Porsche. Subject to family composition and such at the time, there may be a different vehicle that was more appealing, but it was left broadly open. Basically once we got to a certain point, then we could look into a really nice car.

Both Hillary and I were car people in different ways.

As of about 2015, the car that we agreed upon as being our we are doing well, let's buy a silly vehicle was the Telsa Model S.

That didn't really change. It wasn't going to be in our near future, but we could forecast out and could see hitting that point in another ten years or so.

With Hillary's death the particular terms of The Porsche Deal are moot now.

Life changes.

The next car will likely be a Prius as long as it fits the camping gear.