Now a marshmallow

Hillary and I had a pretty good thing worked out with the kids. We largely agreed with each other on tactics and split duties in ways that likely would be considered stereotypical.

I don't have a lot to say on that right now, this is more just a simple memory of one of the things that did change in Hillary's last year. This was on the topic of saying 'no' to the kids, giving them what they want, that sort of thing. As always, I am paraphrasing her here, but it's pretty close to what she said.

"I was always the... softer of the two of us, but now I am a marshmallow."

Along with her transition to living in the moment, Hillary often focused on simply making the kids happy right now as that in turn made her happy.

I am not saying that she wasn't parenting. Or that her decisions were bad or anything. They weren't. It was more that she was willing to hear their arguments about certain things that under different circumstances we might have just shut down after the first refusal.

To be clear, not a criticism. This likely improved the kids' negotiation skills as they realized it was a thing they could do. Time will tell.

I relate this primarily as it was an observation that Hillary herself made. This became an inside joke with us. She'd say yes to a marginal request and I'd just sort of look at her, smile and mouth or say, "Marshmallow." Other times she'd shrug, give me an impish smile, and make a comment about her new squishiness.

Of the inside jokes we had, this was the last to enter our lives.