Spring cleaning again

Vacuuming and general cleaning of the car was a Hillary job. I mostly didn't care about it. Until it got really bad, of course, but that never happend with her on the case. It's kinda been needing it for a few months now. I didn't do it last summer and I'm pretty sure Hillary didn't do it then either, so it may be creeping up on two years since it was last really addressed.

So I did. That's fine. But I also used this opportunity for a few other things that needed doing. Our old GPS which no longer works doesn't need to be in the car. Neither did a bunch of small sundries that Hillary liked to have present and I would never use. I cleaned those out and threw away the things that wouldn't have another use elsewhere.

There was a trunk storage box that Hillary used and I hated. It's been out of the car since sometime last year, but it's been living in the bike room on the floor stuffed full of, well, stuff. I pulled out what was worth keeping and turfed the rest. Then I looked long and hard at the thing. It was in our car for probably seven years. It was absolutely a Hillary thing and not me. But I won't use it and it's not in great shape anymore. Time to go I suppose.

Sunglasses. A pair of Hillary's were still in the car. That is kind of taking up space I could use for something else. So I took the various pairs that were scattered around the house and put them into her old closet where the rest of her clothes, shoes and similar things now live.

The car looks much better now and while it's not up to her standard is significantly less embarrassing to say the least.

But it's hard.

It's the right thing to do. De-cluttering and cleaning is good. But at the same time, that small voice in the back of my mind pipes up whenever it seems like I'm putting away her things.

Anyway, was productive and it was a rough morning.