A body of work

Navel gazing.

I think about what I've gotten out of writing this.

I've written a lot of historical documents. I have more, though I'm trying to figure out right now if this is the best venue for those.

I do feel that there is something I can add to the world in terms of possibly writing things which may help a future young and widowed parent. What I've done so far isn't really that. Except inasmuch as if you knew either of us, it might be vaguely interesting.

So is that what I should do with this?

A podcast I listen to, Roderick on the Line, has occasionally touched on the topic of the lasting impact of their work. In particular, both of the hosts of the show have lost parents. They also both have children. The topic that interests me here is they've discussed how their corpus of work, these podcasts, is something that their kids could listen to at some point if they ever wanted to.

While parenting is covered sometimes, the show largely rambles across a wide variety of topics. The point these folks make is that this show is a body of work that could help their kid understand them better as people at some point. In particular after they are gone.

Hillary doesn't have that body of work. Some of what I'm doing here and in other places is gathering her stories as much as I can to paint a vague, abstract picture of her for the kids.

I am still here and can build that up.

But is this the right forum for it? That I'm not sure about.