Role in the story of life

By roughly August of 2005, I knew that Hillary was who I wanted to spend my life with. In the story of that life, I saw myself as one of two central protagonists in the story of Warren & Hillary, wherever that went.

Across Canada by bike, married life, life with infants, raising kids.

Selfie taken at the Othello Tunnels on the afternoon of June 14, 2009. Our first anniversary.

I can state pretty confidently that if you phrased the question at Hillary, she would have agreed to this way of looking at it. However, I believe that with kids Hillary had changed her view somewhat. She was still a main character, but now one of three, then four, in the story that we were living.

That's where her story ended.

Now I have to reflect on a new role. I have no idea what that is. It's beginning to feel like I'm a supporting character in the life of Paige and Isaac.

This probably isn't a terrible way to look at things. My hopes and dreams for this life are all gone. It will take time to rebuild what a dream for my future could even look like.