Car insurance

The car needed to go in for some routine maintenance today. I'd more or less skipped the last one so it was about time. A thought that had occurred to me once or twice over the last few weeks, generally when I was nearly asleep was that I should probably look into the car insurance situation.

Today, I walked into the house after picking up the car and the thought occurred to me again, "Insurance. I should check that. Oh wait, it probably is up in the month we bought the car. That was October. Hillary couldn't have renewed then. Oh crap, I have no insurance."

So I pulled my boots back on and headed immediately out into the rain to check it out. The sticker showed 'OCT 2019'.

My mom confirmed that she and Hillary had addressed the insurance situation sometime in September. Probably in mid September if I'm doing my math correctly.

Anyway, she took care of it and it is one less thing that I needed to worry about right then.