The kindergarten call

I put in Paige's application for French Immersion early. I was chastised in a good natured way at the office when I handed it in. Evidently I was submitting it a couple of days before they were officially accepting them. I kinda played the clueless dad card and as always, the staff there was great and things went fine.

I thought that part was going to be hard, but it wasn't really. It was just more paperwork.

I got the phone call today. "...Paige has been accepted into the French Immersion Program here."

This would have been an emotionally complicated milestone with Hillary around. The pre-school phase of our family has only a few months left now and the rough shape of the next few years can be defined. I think we both would have been happy, but also there would have been a distinct melancholy.

Hillary would have cried. Her babies were growing up.

I probably wouldn't have. Time marches on and all that.

But that's not where I'm at. Hillary isn't here to share this with. It's a milestone that I wasn't really planning for and snuck up on me. We'll celebrate this evening somehow.