Getting movies

Hillary liked movies more than I did. I generally only had the patience for movies that I knew I'd like. As you can imagine, this isn't a great metric for deciding if I wanted to watch a movie. Regardless though, there were often movies that I wanted to watch and since Hillary loved a movie night, we had them fairly often early in our relationship.

They got far more rare later.

We would rent movies sometimes. Movie rental stores were still around then, though by the time we had moved to Vancouver, most were dying out.

She knew that I had some sort of super power to locate digital media that wasn't readily available. But Hillary never wanted to learn where I got them from. If I started talking about it she would actually start to get heated about how I shouldn't do it.

More than once I heard, "I literally work in the Canadian Intellectual Property Office."

But rental places were going away and often she'd want to watch a movie that wasn't on Netflix. Hell, for the first six years or so we were together, Netflix streaming didn't exist in Canada.

So I'd get the request, "I kind of want to watch..."

And I'd be expected to deliver on that within a couple of days. With subtitles of course.

So I did. Eventually, the digital stores and the Netflix catalogue got good enough that we'd rarely have to resort to these tactics. Still though, it still happened even as late as last summer. A movie Hillary wanted to watch wasn't on Netflix and the iTunes store was down or something.

That movie was The Theory of Everything. That wasn't the last movie we watched together, but it was pretty close. I mean, it might have been. Sometimes it's hard to tell.