Two bite brownies

I took the kids on a hike on Burnaby Mountain a while back. This is essentially our backyard and Simon Fraser University is at the top of it. This is kind of nice as you can go on a hike of a few kilometres in the woods that goes up 300m of elevation and then have restaurants and grocery stores at the top.

So after our lunch (sushi is a good motivator to get the kids to do a hard hike) and before heading back home down the hill, we stopped into the grocery store for some sort of treat. The bakery looked good, but then I saw they had two bite brownies. So I got those.

I hadn't had one in a couple of years. Certainly two years as Hillary started to get much more careful about her diet in the summer of 2017 when what later became clear were cancer symptoms started showing up. Though upon reflection, it's highly likely we had a bag when we went camping at Whistler in August of 2017. There is a good chance that that was the last time though.

Two bite brownies were Hillary's kryptonite. She'd buy a bag nearly every time we went camping. If we were having folks over and we needed a few trays of snacks and desserts? Two bite brownies would be there. Board game evening? Sure, there would be chips, but was highly likely that some of those squishy fudgy treats would be there.

She'd sneak them into the shopping cart sometimes if an event was coming up. You know. Just in case.

These were, as far as I was aware, the only food that Hillary basically couldn't control herself around and thus we rarely had them in the house. But any opportunity to pick some up would lead to great, happy excitement.

Anyway, the kids loved them (hah. No surprise there) and I've picked up a bag each time we've gone camping since then.