Why am I doing this?

You're reading this because I told you about it. Or someone I know told you about it. Or something.

This is painful. It is depressing. Hopefully sometimes it will be funny. I'm deliberately sharing things about Hillary that not everyone knows. It will mostly be historical and mundane aspects of a life together. Sometimes it will be more intimate.

I'm doing this for myself. I need to talk about Hillary a lot and putting these emotions, thoughts and memories into words solidifies some of that.

I'm doing this as a conversation starter. I have more to say about everything I write here. I want to talk about Hillary with other people. Some of these posts will have unspoken questions or side threads, ask about those. Some of these memories are better told orally, ask me to tell it that way.

I'm doing this for an archive, I need to document many of the mundane things about my life with Hillary as I recall them as I will eventually lose those memories. They aren't important in and of themselves, but they will help me rebuild a picture of what our life was like.

I'm doing this for the kids. Many folks can tell stories or will remember things from time to time. I'm the one that has to compile them, store them and make sure they are available for the kids over the years. They will not know Hillary, but I can hope they will have a sense of what she was about.

Hillary was a complete person. She was a wonderful, amazing person, but a human. She had dreams, flaws, and quirks like the rest of us. I need to get this information down.