Spatial Reasoning

Hillary claimed she didn't play video games. In addition to karaoke evidently not being a video game, Tetris supposedly wasn't either. Or at least it was basically not a video game. I forget precisely how she defended that, but it was along those lines.

Tetris is a classic game and truly one of the great ones. Like so many people, it tickled a bunch of parts of Hillary's brain. Competitiveness, the organization of the pieces and the spatial reasoning to see where things would fit together.

I was not good at this.

When we would go places, Hillary would do most of the packing. Sometimes I'd start and then ultimately get shooed out of the bedroom to go and prepare other things.

At the very least, I could pack the car before camping, right? Generally not. More than once I'd get everything in. Then Hillary would come down with one more bag, observe there was no more room and sigh. Then she would start to repack the trunk. Amazingly, an additional bag would fit in and there would still be more room left over.

Later as it became clear where our roles in the relationship were, I'd do the grunt work. Laying out the bags and then putting each one into the back of the car as directed while Hillary wrangled the kids.

She'd get frustrated sometimes when we were both busy and I was trying to offload a task. She couldn't quite understand how I wasn't great at visualizing where everything needed to go.


Hillary was going through a period of fairly low energy around the time of Christmas Decoration Packing Time (2017 edition). So I don't know quite how much of this was Hillary and how much was Heather, but the sentiment is accurate and the outcome would have been the same.

I hadn't put up too many decorations this year. When the time came to put them all away, I filled an entire additional rubbermaid container than I had emptied two weeks before. We acquired no additional decorations this year.