West Coast 2005 Trip

One upon a time in 2005, Hillary and I spent a couple of weeks in Vancouver. We'd been together for a year at this point. We were living together at Clearview. This was our second trip to the west coast and we had a lot planned.

That first trip we took together really imprinted on my memory. This second trip was the one that Hillary remembered more deeply. She was more comfortable this time around and was at least familiar with my family.

We took a multi-day trip to Vancouver Island. We stayed at a B&B in Nanaimo. We camped at Goldstream Park and outside of Port Alberni. We spent a couple of days in Victoria. We saw huge trees at Cathedral Grove and hiked through multiple climate zones at Goldstream Park.

At Cathedral Grove. Hillary for scale.

This was also the trip where we took a couple of days to visit friends in the Okanagan. We rode mountain bikes downhill. We ate peaches.

The first trip we took out had defining adventures. It was also stressful for Hillary. This trip was an actual vacation. This was the first trip we took together after we had reached the point where we felt really established in our relationship.